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Racial Intervention Story Exchange (RISE)

This Web repository is a place where students, teachers, employees, managers, and other concerned people can exchange stories of the ways in which they have intervened across racial lines. When European Americans consider racism in the US, they often think of the KKK and skinheads, but what dominates the attention of many people-of-color are what Lauren Nile calls the "Daily Indignities," the relentless episodes of mistreatment that they are subjected to by shop-keepers, police, airline agents, and others in the commercial sphere. The good news for supportive "white" people, who feel overwhelmed at the prospect going up against the Klan, is that they can actually have a greater impact by instead intervening when they see everyday racism passing before their eyes. This repository contains encouraging and cautioning stories from other ordinary people, of all ethnicities, that describe what they saw, how they responded, and what resulted.


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So exactly how do I . . .

. . . talk to my peers?(Click here.)
. . . talk to my boss
. . . talk to my parents?
. . . deal with customers who act out?
. . . bear witness to the actions of authorities?
. . . intervene with shopkeepers?
. . . challenge authorities? . . . educate teachers?
. . . change institutions?
The power to name.
Does kindness count? Using humor.
Communication techniques that help others to accept your comments. What about inter-ethnic mistreatment?
Latest stories added October, 2002.  


More stories from the interlinked web of oppressions:

ableism, ageism , anti-Semitism, classism, classism, colorism, heterosexism & homophobia, sexism


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